deeze67 application

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deeze67 application

Post by deeze67 »

Hello there,

I'm Peter from Poland, been playing this game quite often a couple years ago (2016ish) with Wojsko Polskie (Sigvall and others), game changed a lot from that time but recently there was a free veteran membership for returning players so decided to give it a try after so long and I guess I stayed longer than I anticipated I would. So...

My chars:
  • 16 (and a half) Infantry
  • 15 Recon ( :lol: ) (I'm actually decent on a scope, but I digress)
  • 8 Infantry for scoped M1903
  • 8 Infantry for Bazooka and H3 stickies (antitank guy)
  • 7 Pilot (I wish it was more, but the fights in the game aren't that awesome... - I've been an active clan member for World of Warplanes and won a couple of tournaments with my squad - Dywizjon 303, so flying is definately my thing)
  • 7 Tank driver (with Chaffee only)
+ starter Paratrooper / other Infantry

In terms of ATs: 2xMotorized Infantry + a couple of Guards "in the cart", 2x Motorized Recon.

Glad to answer any other questions :)

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Re: deeze67 application

Post by thisbirdisonfiya »

Welcome to devils brigade!

You can find us on the Teamspeak, i think Sigvall already told you that then since he is playing on there to! with a few other poles that i spotted so maybe you can start playing together again!

Enjoy your stay! we mostly play on EU evenings but with the current corona crisis a small squad plays during daytime EU aswell!

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Re: deeze67 application

Post by IdleCleese »

Welcome deeze67!

A Veteran rank on this forum is immediately given to you by me because you are old HG player and you have already been a member of clan.

Thanks, IdleCleese