Pheophty's Application

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Pheophty's Application

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My Nickname: Turkishwarriors

I have 6 characters in U.S army, these are 2 infantrymen(1st:Rank12,2nd:Rank3), 1 tank crewman(Rank2), 1 fighter pilot(Rank12), 1 paratrooper(Rank12), 1 recon(Rank2)

I have 3 assault teams that are 1 Guard, 1 Pathfinders and 1 Fighter Recon

My name is Berkay, I am Turkish and I am playing this game since 2017 but I have a less gameplay time(230 hour)(Because of the preparing for University Entrance Exam)

I will be grateful If I am accepted.

Your sincerely.

Link below:

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Re: Pheophty's Application

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Welcome to DB!